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Pick up and Delivery Service

Choose to self pick up or sit back & relax. The product will be sent to your building

Pick up and Delivery Service: Top Sellers



Self Pick up

We provide and offer different pick up locations based on different products. Please refer to to relevant product page to understand more.


  1. 東涌、離島、欣澳及愉景灣等地區暫未能安排送貨服務。

  2. 送貨時間:下午2:00至晚上7:30

  3. ​母親節、情人節、新年及聖誕節期間送貨費用為$500,其他日子送貨費用為$200,購物$2000享免費送貨服務。(推廣產品不適用)

  4. 司機會喺到達前15至30分鐘致電給你,若未能接聽電話,司機有可能先去下一個送貨點。

  5. 如果冇人收貨,貨品將會送返店舖,請喺下一天自取或者自行安排收貨服務。如果下一天係星期一,由於無人在店舖內,將不會提供取貨服務。

  6. ​送貨服務範圍至大廈或屋苑樓下,未有提供上們服務 (司機會與你聯絡取貨地點)

  7. 送貨服務收費/產品費用恕不退回。

  8. 我哋或未能安排你想收貨嘅時間,如果需要指定時間到達,請你自行安排送貨服務。

  9. 為確保品質,我哋會提供冰袋及冰種。

  10. 所有送出的貨物都完整無缺。如貨物於運送過程中損壞,AtFoodFactory 將不承擔任何責任,也不會給予任何賠償,謝謝見諒。

Delivery Service

1. Non-coverage area: Tung Chung, Outlying Island, Discovery Bay and Sunny Bay etc

2. Delivery Time: From 2:00pm to 7:30pm.

3. Delivery fee for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, New Year and Xmas is $500 while it is $200 for normal days. FREE Delivery upon net purchase of $2,000 (Not applicable to discounted items)

4. The driver will contact you 15 - 30mins prior arrival. If the call is unanswered, the driver may go to the next delivery point.

5. If no one collect the goods, it will be returned to the store. Please collect it the next day on your own. If the next day is Monday, you will not be able to collect it as we will have no anyone in the store. 
6. Delivery service is covered to the building you requested. Please collect it at G/F or entrance (the driver will contact you for the pick-up location) 

7. Delivery Service and Product are non-refundable.

8. We may not be able to arrange the time you preferred. If you wish arrive on a specific time, please arrange the delivery service on your own.

9. To keep it in good condition and better environment, we provide you an ice-bag with ice-pack.

10. All goods sent will be in good condition. In case the goods is damaged, AtFoodFactory will not take the responsibility nor have any compensation.

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