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Discover Your Color 3.0

To celebrate the opening of MOKO store, we are going to launch 'Discover Your Color 3.0 series. Each stunning color fruit tart comes with different favors and we bring you new combination to match the arrival of early Autumn! This package comes with 6 pcs, which color would you pick and describe you most?

Red: A mixture of red and green grapes, blueberry and dragon pearl, together with vanilla custard. Taste is just extraordinary!

Orange: Don’t miss 59% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Caramelized mixed nuts tart! With the addition of sea salt and the inner layer of 59% dark chocolate, it balances the sweetness of caramel, together with mixed nuts, we are sure that you will totally enjoy it!

Yellow: We bring you corn custard for the first time , with caramelized banana and peanut crust. We are sure that you would love the new combination.

Green: Not-quite-tiramisu comes with chocolate , hazelnut custard, together with Mascarpone cheese layer, the outlook and taste are just so good!

Blue: The beloved AFPremium series chestnut tart is back! Comes with French chestnut paste and black sesame custard,  It is a must have in this Autumn!

Purple: Comes with green tea custard, sweet purple potato puree . If you like purple potato then you probably won't resist it!

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